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Post-Harvest Solutions

Quality, Food Safety and Sanitation for the Produce Industry
Utilize our 4-step process to improve arrivals and enhance your food safety program.
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The Food Safety Tools You Need

for produce safety & preventive controls compliance.

Highland Fresh Technologies features products specifically formulated to work under real-world conditions in the fresh produce industry.

The 4 Step Process

to improving arrivals & enhancing your food safety program.

Step 01
Product Washing, Cleaning, & Coatings
Produce Cleaning Soaps
Antibrowning Treatments
Step 03
Step 04
Facility Sanitation

Organic Grower?

Here’s an exciting opportunity for organic packers!

Highland Fresh is pleased to offer the following OMRI certified products for use in organic processing.
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About Highland Fresh

Highland Fresh Technologies, LLC

Highland Fresh is uniquely focused on the fresh produce industry. This is why we develop and offer products that perform well in the packinghouse without eating up expensive equipment.  Our cleaners are specifically designed to attack the sugar and starch left behind on fruit and vegetable packing equipment, and our sanitizers offer broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy without the harmful corrosion of chlorine bleach.

Our Mission

Highland Fresh is dedicated to improving arrivals and strengthening food safety and sanitation programs.

About Us

Highland Fresh was established in 2005 when owner, Steve Maxwell realized growers and packers needed help addressing the increasing complexity of quality and food safety challenges impacting their business. Steve called on Frank Kelsey, who was then working as Western Colorado Research Manager with Colorado State University. Frank had over a decade of experience in the produce industry developing products for the postharvest market, which included 2 patents, and numerous publications on produce shelf life and food safety. Frank brought on Walt Shappley, a Navy veteran with extensive operational and logistics experience in the produce industry, and together they introduced novel cleaning and sanitation solutions for both packing lines and produce. Now, the growing team draws on its expertise in plant physiology, plant pathology, food microbiology, operations, logistics, and process automation, providing products and support that deliver results for growers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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